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Welcome to The Floppy Disk

What the is

Originally I created this website to show my collection of old computer games. I converted it to a wiki so it is easier to expand. Beeing a wiki it allows others to contribute too, so now the purpose of The floppy disk is to be a wiki dedicated to documenting computer game boxes and contents (i.e. disks, manual etc) and variations of the same game, for example floppy release (3.5“/5.25”), cdrom release, different kind of box, localized version etc.

It is possible to register and log on the site through the forum. You can then post in the forum and contribute with your information and/or pictures to the wiki.

Here are some wiki-pages with a collection of links of certain themes:

LucasArts / Lucasfilm games

Apogee and iD software

Racing games

What it is not

You will not find games to download here. That is not the purpose of this site.

Rules and terms when contributing to the wiki

By uploading pictures to this site and/or provide information about a game you give permission to use the uploaded picture and/or the provided information on indefinitely. Using pictures from ebay or other online marketplaces is prohibited for the time being. Using pictures/scans from other collectors sites or pictures/scans found anywhere else on the web is prohibited unless permission is given.

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